AFC Cleveland Establishes a Partnership with UPPER 90 FC

AFC Cleveland and UPPER 90 FC have announced that the clubs will be entering a strategic partnership. The collaboration between the two clubs will create a unique opportunity for UPPER 90 FC players to see some of the top collegiate players at a local venue.

UPPER 90 FC is a premier soccer club based in the Northeast Ohio area that trains and develops soccer players from youth to high school ages. For UPPER 90 FC, the partnership with AFC Cleveland will allow its players to better understand what it means to play beyond the youth level.

“AFC Cleveland represents the highest level of soccer competition in Northeast Ohio. From a soccer perspective we are looking to provide a viable path to having an outline for our players to understand the criteria that is needed to play at the collegiate level,” stated Tony Csiszar of UPPER 90 FC.

The partnership will see AFC Cleveland players make appearances at UPPER 90 FC clinics and training sessions.

“We see this as an opportunity to reach out to local players and spark interest among the youth in the community,” said Terry Lawriw, President and CEO of AFC Cleveland.

“We look forward to working with AFC Soccer as we develop a number of projects together,” added Csiszar.

The partnership will also include cross-promotion between the two clubs as well as collaborative future projects to be announced at a later date. You can find more information on UPPER 90 FC by visiting the club’s website,