Carter Poe “really proud” to return as Royals’ Head Coach

It was announced earlier that Carter Poe would be returning as AFC Cleveland Head Coach for the 2016 season. This week, Carter was kind enough to sit down and talk to us about his decision to return, the work done last season, and the Royals’ fifth anniversary.

Here is what he had to say.

<b>On why he came back…</b>
“I wanted to come back. The organization is great. We had a good season last season and a lot of young guys, so I wanted to come back and continue what we did last year and hopefully bring a lot of the guys back.”

<b>On making to last year’s regional final…</b>
“I think we can take our experience from that run and everything through the year. We learned a lot about what it takes to get to that point so I think just the experience from last year will really help. There’s a lot of good teams but hopefully we can have another successful year.”

<b>On AFC Cleveland celebrating its fifth anniversary…</b>
“It’s awesome. In this league and in this type of level of sport a lot of times the big problem is you see a lot of teams come and go and they don’t have the longevity and the sustainability to become a big club. It says a lot about the organization that it’s been around for five years and they’ve been able to keep it going and a lot about how things are run and [the] ownership, so we’re really proud of being back this year.”

<b>On what fans can expect from the team this year…</b>
“I always like to play positive soccer and obviously you want to be organized defensively too, but we like to keep possession and attack a lot and have the guys enjoy themselves, so hopefully we’ll see more of the same.”

<b>On having three players in the 2016 NPSL Combine…</b>
“I believe it’s only 18-20 guys from each region [that] get selected and voted for the combine. The fact that we had three players [Tom Beck, Mike Derezic, and Admir Suljevic] from our team I think speaks well of how the team did and those guys all had fantastic seasons. I’m hoping something comes from the combine for them. I’m very happy for them.”