A Moment with Aaron McGuiness

<b><i>1.  What should fans and supporters expect from AFC Cleveland in 2014?</b></i>

There is a lot going on with AFC Cleveland this year. We really want to help grow soccer in the Cleveland area, not just for young players, but for spectators as well. We want our players and staff to interact with fans, young players, and people in the community to get them excited about the world’s game and to show them how fun soccer is and how it can bring a community together. Everyone needs to keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter, and in the local malls and parks so they can experience the world’s game with AFC Cleveland. What we are trying to do isn’t just about AFC Cleveland, it is about soccer in the USA and if we can help get the Cleveland area excited about soccer then hopefully that will ignite greater support for the U.S. team at the World Cup this year and beyond.

From a playing standpoint, the fans should expect to see end to end soccer! With the addition of new teams from strong soccer areas and our goal of building a strong team that has a lot of attacking options there will be a lot of action-packed games.

<b><i>2.  How do you feel about being named Associate Head Coach?</b></i>

It is a great honor to be named Associate Head Coach of AFC Cleveland. It means a lot to me to know that Andy Hoggarth believes in me as a coach and is willing to name me as Associate Head Coach. There is a lot more responsibility that comes with this role and I am really looking forward to the new challenge.

<b><i>3.  What do you think the new additions will add to the coaching staff?</b></i>

Carter Poe and Brock Kertoy are great additions to the coaching staff. Both of them have great soccer backgrounds that will bring different dimensions to our staff. They will allow us to analyze each game in more detail and from different perspectives, which will make it easier to recognize and work on our deficiencies and be a lot more specific with our training sessions.

<b><i>4.  What are two goals do you have for yourself and the team?</b></i>

Two goals for me are to build a solid defensive platform for the team and implement an attractive, attacking style of play. I would really like us to concede less and score more; I mean which coach doesn’t. Defensively my goal is to bring the defenders together so everyone is one the same page and no stone is left unturned. This will allow us to implement a free-flowing, attractive style of play.

Two goals for the team are to win back the Rust Belt trophy and make it to the NPSL playoffs. These two goals are very achievable for the team we are putting together.

<b><i>5.  What do you think the new expansion teams will bring to the conference?</b></i>

The new expansion teams are coming from strong soccer communities and we are expecting them to hit the ground running. This is going to make our conference stronger and even more challenging. We are expecting each game to be tough and action-packed.

<b><i>6.  What should we expect from the team in terms of playing style?</b></i>

You can expect to see a fast-paced, attacking style of play. We have some quality new players coming in that have great athleticism and a great tactical sense of the game. This is going to allow us to play more free-flowing, fast, attacking soccer!