AFC Cleveland Re-Signs Tyler Johnston for 2013 Season

“Tyler Time” is returning to Cleveland in 2013! Royals forward, Tyler Johnston, has signed a 1-year contract extension through the 2013 NPSL season. Johnston provided AFC Cleveland and its fans many memorable moments in 2013, including a goal in AFC Cleveland’s first historical match which turned the tide to result in a comeback draw. It was this match that led AFC Cleveland onto its championship run, which saw Tyler score 3 additional goals throughout the season. His late-minute goals helped the Royals take a lead while short-handed versus FC Buffalo, and a game-winning goal versus Detroit in the only regular season match between the rivals that did not end in a draw.

Andy Hoggarth, Head Coach, “Tyler provided us intensity when it was needed and scored some important goals at important times. I am pleased that Tyler has decided to commit once again to AFC Cleveland.

Aaron McGuiness, Assistant Coach, “Tyler was a great impact player for us last year. We hope he can have a greater impact for us this season.

David Schmac, Director of Player Personnel, “Tyler brings the intensity. He caught teams off-guard this season and they paid for it. I’m very happy to have worked with Tyler since the inception of this club and to see him return for 2013.